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 The text chapter 12 crane fairy ..

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PostSubject: The text chapter 12 crane fairy ..   July 15th 2011, 10:00

buy shoes supra "Beast brand" as my own heart floating in the air, so magical, let party cold mind also loose rises. "Blood", can make refined the flesh of all people, use all sorts of magic weapon, and this is simply an incomparable advantage. Uniting the fighting skill, only to know only with the body, can't play out how powerful power to. The flesh, flesh cannot fly fear, fear of poison, spear flesh water, fire, ray, and so on the attack. All in all, even the flesh of uniting the land to get ten heavy "change" god of state, have the power of the WuMa, also can not escape the mortal fate. Unless the problem of uniting the secret state ", "the brain development, builds a mana, has the problem.
adidas water grip But, how difficult problem shakotan coast? Ten thousand of the four masters, a practice that is successful, the blessing of the ancestors, big chance. This time, the role of the magic weapon they come out.If a still stay in the flesh of all people, have a fly sword? Can cut in, drop of blood offering refined step away after ascended, the damage at which? If this people, and have a medal "amulet", cloth into gas wall, bulletproof, that is how to human weapon? A divine power state superior, if you put your can kill "god to change" player. It is "beast" brand so low levels of skulls, party cold also knew she want to use good, also can control only spirit beast attack the enemy. "Try? Put the drops of blood in the Jiao v nether world map? No, I'm afraid it has the change, if Jiao v nether world figure can drop of blood offering words, if you put your BaiHai zen tried to make so early, and round. Still don't not act rashly well.
supra skytops Party cold is a prudent man, know that the Jiao v nether world figure ", it is a strange thing, one thousand drop of blood offering refined made a mistake, what its all you want to die, out-of-phase difficult. So he's still try it first "beast card" exactly is what appearance of, can can't communicate spirit beast for their own use. If 36 head to listen to his crane command, that "god" masters and their change may not be helpless. Came to a head before the chief of the crane is obvious, the head of the crane, compared with other crane, obvious abundant god jun lang, is also a head taller, on top of the crane to have also bright as group who are jumping, flame can see, the first crane is one of the chief. Crane, and looked at party cold made a sound blazing.Immediately, party cold feel "beast" brand conveys a wave on women's kind exquisite voice: "boy, come on get the net, put this miss out open ascended, loosen up!"
buy supra shoes "Feed! You see what see, is this girl's voice, you put the drops of blood in beast, the brand, and the voice of the girl in beast card send out, change the language of the adult, let you understand them." The crane is a long head, a stream of voice sound and all CARDS from the beast clear send out.
"What, this girl? You are the head in crane talk?" Party cold this just understand all things, the specific role. The beast brand "Good, that I put you out, you take me fit into." "Hum! Take this miss three meals a day, comfortable wait, this girl is can consider, help you some help, if you serve bad girl, this miss this will not listen to you. Do you think, the master beast, can command this card girl? Beast is just a artifact card to be able to communicate with us. Let's just is the existence of equality." Hold your head up because a crane ShuangHe eye looking down at the pride down, looking at the party.
"So that's, I think CARDS can command this group of beast, but it's only a crane communication artifacts, seems to keep spirit beast also is not an easy jordan discount shoes thing." Party cold know, his head crane, over 30 control "god" masters of hope is afraid is lost."Cranes fairy, niche polite......." Party cold understand this, look after a change, hang a smile, sang a fat hanoch, "I to feed crane fairy, that's a very thoughtful, crane wait on what the place with fairy, though say, for you will be niche try our best to do." As he opened the net, his side. PuChi PuChi PuChi blow out, a tornado, these crane flashing wings, all rushed out and god ascended glide, live.
"You this person is very good, very good, it looks like we can make friends. And your breath is still very strong. Strength is very good." The only "cranes fly fairy" for a moment, suddenly a dive and onto the party before the cold, strong wind the brisk wind he held his breath, but steps but still: "from now on, I let them much help you." "Thank you for crane fairy, don't know what to eat, crane fairy niche for you to prepare?" Party cold nodded.
"Of course is roast pheasant, baking the rabbit, I go to other mountain, get a hare and pheasant come over, you give us eat roast, salt ah mustard puts a bit more than what, hum, I want to eat roast things mouth water, but not in the fire, lest the feather burned up, can depend on you. The roast the rabbit, pheasant, it smells good"
Women supra vaiders "Fairy" in between talking crane, his mouth XianShui keep stayed, drops to the ground, smelled good. "This is a kind of crane saliary ah, extremely rare medicinal materials" Party and look at the drop to the ground cold of the crane, a pity, saliary wants to find a thing collected. In one hundred, the crane saliary is internal organs, nourishing the aphrodisiac, moist air of the good things. Lung One thousand more don't say, crane saliary of wu3 lin2 dream of his treasure, in the practice deep breathing, inside the strong supra skytop iii interest of good things. A two gold a money. Provided the door is dissimilar, cranes, cranes saliary only one thousand years old like crane.
"Go, we go to catch game!" "Fairy" flow saliva crane finish after takeoff, call up at flopped about the other with a crane, a group of crane, from the mountain to the rolling among mountains fly out. "To you, the grill set up to." See that group of crane fly away, cold hurriedly commanded his party more than two hundred slave, many servants built up, ready to grill barbecue. Not and in a short while, the group of crane fly back and catch crane, head back some game, besides pheasant, rabbit, but also the big fish in the river, wolves, fox, and even sika deer, tiger, leopard, antelope, wild boar, bears. More severe, the head of crane fairy incredibly caught a whole body of boa constrictors article decorative pattern, and cast it on the ground to come back, all the slaves are a scare. "It is a real gravy train, just let these cranes to go hunting every day, and don't know how much money it. Tiger, HuLiPi, snake gale, permitted, PAWS" Party cold watching all this, in the heart know, why party, FangRui.
Under the command of the slave get busy living along while, the wildlife skinning, then choose essence barbecue, party cold is personally stood, the crane fairy grasp of a boa constrictor made savory, all one's skill, hard work with one heart and one mind, even he served for slave got some good wine to come, to crane fairy to drink. A head of a head of the crane, is wait on satiated, to flying in the sky for a while, down, they returned to their own living place to sleep up.Discount supras "These spirit is not as crane aa so complex, the idea is simple." Serve good these spirit after upon party in crane breathed a sigh of relief.
For several decades, party except secretly practiced kungfu, cold outside really are served this group of crane, gradually, and the end of the fairy also "seduce crane". His fist, "power" state to practice after the "9, inside the heart diuresis elixir" seems to be running a lot, like slow is the practice of the flesh, has come to a limit.
nike gladiator sandals But the party is not negligent, is still hard every day, and the devil type of training, and perseverance, he believes that one day, his breakthrough will again. This day, the party cold let crane fairy had a little wine and in it, he XingTou put forward on a flight to the taste of god.
"Flight is not an easy thing, you grab my feathers, and this girl fall can be no matter." A pair of ZuiYan hazy, crane fairy crane saliary and the like kipper drop off like kipper, this bottom is party a bowl with cold all catch. "I'll be careful." The crane get the permission of the fairy, party a will climb up the cold over the crane back, he is now the power of uniting the state, agile like monkey, can compares civets in, the movement's hemp the benefit.
cheap supra shoes "This girl fly!" Crane fairy stood up, and a flopped about wings, party cold immediately feel whole body be one earthquake, like lost weight, ear shout wind blows a breath, barely opened his eyes, only to see the mountain forest, below, dotted, palaces, if only the size of a fist down, definitely is a shattered.
"This is the feeling of flying? I finally god!" Although some uneasy heart, but party but cold heart very surging. "However, this is rely on outside force fly, one day, I will practice to shakotan coast, his powers over the virtual crossing, this is the true immortals." Party way, but he secretly cold hands, supra shoes and hold "cranes fairy" feathers. "Fairy" pulled their wings, and crane an arrow in the cloud, and in a while, shuttle fly out from the Angle mountain. From outside, the mountains are so many Angle mountain, and who knows how many mountain,, 1 million? The hills who also don't know how many secrets hidden. "We this is to fly to where?" See "purple electricity peak" missing shadow, party in crane back through the cold all the beast brand asked. "The fear of what, this miss an hour can fly a distance." Crane fairy hum way: "to go back to is not simple, several wings to fan."
buy supra shoes "So much the better, all will hear you, anyway, wing on you." Party cold bury my head down, the whole people didn't enter crane feather in, like wearing a great crane simple cloak, air and gliding over from feathers, less than his body blow, the whole people suddenly relaxed a lot of, enjoy the process of fly up to.
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The text chapter 12 crane fairy ..
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