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Who is the Best in MID Lane?
We're not talking about "First,Mid,Late Gamer" here..
Were talking about the suitable, and the best mid lane hero.

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who's the best hero in 1 on 1??? And their item build and skill buildd?? Can you suggest??

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Whats up with riki ban javascript:emoticonp(':affraid:')
The first chapter town doctor Icon_minitimeMay 10th 2010, 06:12 by Llama-Ninja
Lol I am no riki player unless its an ar but I don’t get why when people host a apem why they always practically shout no riki? riki is a bamf but I mean there are real heroes like tiny, nevermore and lone druid I mean most heroes can get insanely strong and when fed will be unstoppable?

So why all the hate towards the invisible ass grabber?
What a Face

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Good support Hero Any suggetions
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Any suggestions will help me for good supporting heroes, kinda feed up with carries

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Icarus the Phoenix, Dota 6.68 New Hero(es)!
The first chapter town doctor Icon_minitimeMay 1st 2010, 12:09 by Admin
DotAnians News! Icarus the Phoenix, Dota 6.68 New Hero(es)!

Icarus the Phoenix is one of the new heroes that will be introduced on Dota 6.68.
Even though IceFrog hasn't reveal anything just yet,
but at least we got the Icarus' picture Wink
This post will updated with all Icarus the Phoenix news.
If you got some stuff to share about him, feel free to share it here! Wink

Read More: Click the Hero …

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 The first chapter town doctor

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PostSubject: The first chapter town doctor   The first chapter town doctor Icon_minitimeApril 2nd 2011, 02:42

"Ancient doctor, ancient doctor, quick save my elder brother ah".Air Jordan A small town on the street, suddenly, there was a tense twinge cry. Then see a clothes tattered systemic blood youth took a more miserable than his young from the end of the street to street a small medical center gymnasium, being helped off the pale, a the young complexion, fracture and break right arm shoulder-length although after bandage, but still still have blood oozed slowly, his right hand clothes dye a blood-red, while holding his hand of the young is holding a brokeback.
The two young just to the door, he saw a kids as young as l5 and l6 walk out working,jordan sneakers see the gymnasium in their mouth was dressed in white robe of the ancient doctor, wheat color skin, looks normal, but chiseled, a face of resolute, jiongjiongweishen eyes, a shoulder-length hair natural hang freely. See the two, the way the doctor fast will help the young los mapped into medical, let him after deciding, rotating out the item will handle the wound clean and fracture treatment from a nearby young hands grabbed the drop right arm, will also deal with clean, fracture place of two fracture, his left palm emitted a regiment white mist.
After two right arm waving, looked at his right hand,Air Jordan Fusion intact to kneel towards ancient doctor, was the ancient doctors to hold. "Well, don't be so ready to kneel ah knelt, I don't like this a set of". That just of brokeback youth is embarrassed nao nao head said "sorry, sorry, just a concussion forget ancient doctor rules". The old doctor is for another youth processing in a body of wounds asked, "what did you met today, how can make into such". Hear the doctor say so, another young immediately said "oh, forget it we today just entered into the forest, he met a big guy, a white bears, we by that guy, that guy's a sneak attack than we want to severe, if it weren't for slow words, we might get out."
HuaZhou empire in the country, the national fix true border into:Air Jordan build base, refined body, refined gas, JinDan, yuan baby, escape from, fit, crossing the selloff, mahayana nine realm, each state have again before, during and after the difference. The two brothers are built, and the base of the middle, such or fix for the although nothing against this town, but superior around the earth in the forest is no problem, but now they're hurt in the hands of one, and the arctic or sneak their arctic only, that means the arctic is also at least is only the monster beast psychic period. Uniting the realm of mammal with people's different, they are divided into refined body.
Channeling period of demon beast is opened smartad of demon beast,jordan sneakers GuYun are suspected that the arctic is channeled period, because only the lich beast psychic period opened smartad of demon beast just know to attack people, not like other earth the same, with them's difficult match at, but generally speaking, as they placed around the town of psychic period is not appear like the monster beast of this state. Because the man is placed town fix for the life of JinDan period to hopeless breakthrough. JinDan period is a watershed in the human fix true, before the age of 40 JinDan period, it cannot breakthrough of life in the border and stop.
Earth fix true is different, their watershed is channeled period,Christian Louboutin to be channeled period, it doesn't take long before that can form demon Dan, by that time the call peace town town as having a crisis. Because like this place, it is good years wouldn't have empire player here in five years, the empire will only when a qualification appraisal to send people to come here for the qualifications of a new born child assessment, and see if it fits fix true. After all, even if the parents had bad offspring qualification things wouldn't endowments unusual. The appraisal is the last time in the past year has been completed, i.e.
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The first chapter town doctor
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